Deploying Volume License Apps Along Side Office 365

At work I was tasked with deploying volume licensed Project and Visio. My company is currently deploying Office 365 Pro Plus, which uses click-to-run, which cannot be installed side-by-side with the 2016 version of Project and Visio that are MSI based. Instead you must use the Office Deployment Tool (ODT) and xml files to add Visio/Project to an...

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SCCM Package Automation part 1

Recently I published a project called SCCM Package Automation to my Github. I also posted it to reddit r/PowerShell and got a decent amount of attention. I thought I would write a more detailed blog post about it now.

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Proxmox Emergency Mode

Over the past few weeks, I had noticed errors my zfs storage pool. The errors were no big deal, errors happen. ZFS is fantastic and detects and corrects them automatically. However, it was happening often enough I decided to I needed to look into if one of the HDDs was failing. Sure enough, the errors were coming from a 6TB WD Red that I have ha...

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